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  Pina Colada was created in San Juan Puerto Rico in the 1960’s by a bartender that served this new authentic drink for 35 years and finally was awarded for his efforts making this delicious drink Puerto Rico’s national drink. It is so easy to make and so delicious that you will have…(Read More)

Limes for Brazilian Lemonade

Besides Piña Colada, this is my second favorite tropical drink. It’s so easy to prepare, super delicious and very refreshing. To me, the citrus yet sweet taste blended in with fresh, cold ice means summertime, beautiful beaches, sunsets and gorgeous views. And to me, that means Brazil. If I could, I would book…(Read More)

A day on Paradise Beach Cove Cafe

Who can relate to a busy husband? Let me tell you about mine. He just finished his Master’s degree in accounting, and now he is studying for the CPA exams. As if that isn’t enough, he is also the Branch President of our Church with many responsibilities that are usually…(Read More)

Mabel Montalva's 16 year old twins

In the dream, I saw two babies, both about the size of an eight month old, and I knew they were twins. When I woke up I told myself, “Do not worry! It is just a dream!” The day of the first doctor’s appointment arrived which included an ultrasound. When the technician told us…(Read More)

Chilean Pebre

In the Chilean cuisine, Pebre is served with Asado (Barbecue), Empanadas, Cazuela (chicken or beef hearty soup) and many other authentic plates. I love it when summer comes and tomatoes are ripe and juicy. Sometimes when I find beautiful heirloom tomatoes I buy those for Pebre, this will definitely result in an incredible taste…(Read More)

Gilling colorful delicious vegetables

I’m from Chile (South America) and that means many “asados” or barbecues. How to grill a piece of meat to perfection should be a basic skill for meat lovers! Here are 5 basic steps to make that delicious barbecue you have been craving for a while. Choosing the right meat is key.  One of…(Read More)