Posts From the monthly archives: "August 2020" Receta: Asado Lomo Vetado (Parrillada BBQ Ribeye Cut) Donde Comprar? Donde comprar Lomo Vetado en Estados Unidos? Uno de los mejores lugares para encontrar carne de primera calidad es en Costco. El corte en inglés se llama Ribeye. Si quiere comprar el trozo completo, hay que pedirlo directamente…(Read More)


I counted 14 ingredients on the nutrition facts label on a store-bought ice cream, and I am sure this number does not account for all ingredients. I also checked many labels and I found out corn syrup is one of the main ingredients found on store ice-cream. That is when I said NO…(Read More)

Made bread Ingredients: 8 Cups of flour 3 Cups of water (luke warm) 2 Tbsp of yeast 1 Tbsp of sugar (to mix with the yeast) 1/2 Cup of butter 2 Tbsp of salt Directions: 1. Mix all of the ingredients in KitchenAid. 2. When all ingredients have been mixed…(Read More)

tomatoes Ingredients: 3-4 Garlic Cloves (Pealed) 1 Tbsp of salt 1/2 Teaspoon of coriander seeds 2 Small chili peppers (Hydrate overnight if purchased dried) 3 Tomatoes (Pealed) Olive Oil Vinegar Lemon Juice MERKEN (Chili peppers dry smoked, coriander seeds, salt) Bunch of cilantro and parsley Instructions: 1. Add…(Read More)

Berry Ricotta Kuchen

I spent many summers in Southern Chile, I have no words to describe its beauty, its aroma, its scenery, its people, and especially the food, I for sure miss it.   When I eat a piece of this ricotta kuchen my mind travels to back to those years. It is almost like a magical moment…(Read More)

pan marraqueta

Pan Marraqueta

English recipe coming soon – Thank you – Pan Marraqueta (conocido también como pan francés o pan batido) Ingredientes: 8 Tazas de harina 4 Tazas de agua (temperatura ambiente) 2 Cucharadas de levadura 1 Cucharada ( 1 table spoon) de azúcar para mezclar con la levadura 1/4…(Read More)