4th of July decor and menu ideas

How to prepare a 4th of July Authentic Latin Barbecue Menu

Gilling Vegetables
Grilled vegetables are almost my favorite dish on the menu, I like them more than the meat seriously, this is why I’m listing this dish first in my post. Somehow grilling many types of vegetables combined makes the flavors richer and they don’t only taste better but they look wonderful too, and that means they are full of vitamins and full of many nutrients, we couldn’t ask for a better choice right?. The key is to choose fun colorful vegetables. My choice here is purple onions, cherry tomatoes, red and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, and I also added pre-steamed miniature potatoes. Direction: Brush all the vegetables with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Grill, turning occasionally until tender, around 10 to 15 minutes.
4th of July decor and menu ideas
What makes this Barbecue Menu different from others are the sides to accompany the steak and my choice for the drink. Some of the sides include Rice, Pebre (Chilean version for Pico de Gallo a more juicy recipe), fresh Vegetables and homemade “Pan amasado” homemade Chilean Bread. For the drink I prepared Brazilian Lemonade, it goes perfectly well with the steak. To make things more fun and festive I added some super cute 4th of July decoration elements. I got the stars bowls, the 4th of July buckets and the plastic tablecloth at Target (link included on page) I literally paid no more than $3 per each item.
The type of meat to get to Barbecue for 4th of July
Barbecuing is definitely an art don’t you think? What cut to get, how to cook the meat, how long, what spices to add etc… are important information to know beforehand. Find step by step directions and useful tips here.
Brazilian lemonade for the 4th of July
I love to have some fresh Brazilian Lemonade with the steak. Have you had Brazilian Lemonade before? I remember the first time I had some, it was at the Rodizios Brazilian Restaurant in Utah, years ago, since then I’m obsessed with the taste, the sweetness and bitterness of the limes are the perfect combinations to the steak. For the recipe click on the page (link included)

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  1. Love the colors!! It looks very festive and very tasty! I love the combination of the vegetables and the beautiful presentation of the meat and the color contrast with the red knife. Everything looks picture perfect! Congratulations, great idea of a menu. And I do love Brazilian lemonades too! Yummy! Excellent job Mabel! 🙂

    • Thank you!! That really means a lot! It couldn’t have happened without my family’s help! Nice to hear you also like Brazilian lemonades 🙂

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