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How to Barbecue The Chilean Way

I’m from Chile (South America) and that means many “asados” or barbecues. How to grill a piece of meat to perfection should be a basic skill for meat lovers! Here are 5 basic steps to make that delicious barbecue you have been craving for a while.

  1. Choosing the right meat is key.  One of the best cuts for Chilean “Asados” is Ribeye without the bone, best is to get the entire Ribeye cut at Costco.  Ribeye is one of the most tender high-quality meats you can buy.
  2. Preheat the grill for medium heat, or if you use Charcoal which is my preference, fire up the charcoal for about one hour, as soon as the pebbles are white, and the heat has gone down.  For Steaks 1″ thick, slow cook the Steaks for about 10 minutes per side, for a perfect medium to medium well which will have a warm pink center.  The temperature must be 145 to 150 degrees.  If you cook it on high heat it will just burn the outside without properly cooking the inside of the steak.
  3. Marinating your meat at least for 15 minutes will assure you a savory and softer result.  Salt is the most important condiment.  Make sure you apply enough salt on both sides, but not so much that you will not be able to eat it.  Some people like to apply Salt and Pepper, fresh minced Garlic and any combination of spices for grilling steaks.

For an authentic Chilean “Asado” experience serve the steaks with “Pebre” and “Pan Amasado”, what a combination of flavors! “Pebre” is a Chilean version of Pico de gallo and Pan Amasado is home made bread, both always part of the menu.  We can also serve the barbecue with rice and grilled vegetables.

The type of meat to get to Barbecue for 4th of July
I always choose Ribeye about 1″ thick, it is the most tender and juicy meat for grilling.

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