October 16, 2017

Magic is a world of its own. I love to work with people from different…

Most of us are obsessed with the vast street-like influence of Crossfit gurus, and Barbell routines. “Strong is the new pretty” no doubt about it, but what is this obsession with becoming “strong” is? No one describes it more precisely than the expanded list of synonyms of “possessing the desired attribute” by Kate Parker…(Read More)

You might remember Shade Clothing, DownEast, Modbe, etc. I’ve had the opportunity of assisting each one of these companies and few others in design, technical design, patterns, and in some cases, I produced most of their production needs overseas. Shade Clothing grew very fast; when I started doing work for them they were doing…(Read More)

Mabel Montalva and daughter Karla at Magic


Magic is a world of its own. I love to work with people from different countries; Magic brings the world together! Are you an entrepreneur, an established clothing brand company, a cut stylish momma, or a fashion lover looking to turn your excellent idea into reality? You’ve found the right place. I love to…(Read More)

Girl wearing tennis shoes with a dress

  “Street Fashion” adapts itself when needed, at its own pace – no matter the current tendencies, no matter the forecasting, no matter anything. It was fascinating to have experienced first hand so many differently developed fashion trends while walking the streets of Manhattan. One in particular stood out to me the most quickly after…(Read More)

Twining Mom and Daughter swimsuits

Years ago, I used to think the matching outfits my mom and I would wear were cheesy. Now I think they’re the cutest thing ever. I never got to do this with my oldest daughter who is now 16, because not only did she have a twin brother but back then it wasn’t…(Read More)

I was born in Chile, a beautiful country stretching along South America’s western edge. With more than 6,000km of Pacific Ocean stunning coastline.  Santiago is the capital, and I was born in Vina Del Mar. So you might be wondering why would I celebrate the 4th of July?.  I do for many reasons…(Read More)