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Mabel Montalva own brand

You might remember Shade Clothing, Modbod, Undertease, DownEast, Modbe, etc. I’ve had the opportunity of assisting each one of these companies in design, technical design, patterns, and in some cases, I produced most of their production needs overseas. Shade Clothing grew very fast; when I started doing work for them they were doing business…(Read More)

Twining Mom and Daughter swimsuits

Years ago, I used to think the matching outfits my mom and I would wear were cheesy. Now I think they’re the cutest thing ever. I never got to do this with my oldest daughter who is now 16, because not only did she have a twin brother but back then it wasn’t…(Read More)

Mywild sling

I developed this baby sling for Tyler Gunn a few years ago, and had the amazing opportunity to take part in the first production. Visit for a closer look! I love to see how much her company’s grown. Check out her Instagram page here: @tylergolden When I say I “developed” a particular…(Read More)

Raising Wild Swim developed by Mabel Montalva

Raising Wild was fun to develop, the designers have had great success, they appeared at Shark Tank I’m happy I was able to help them in their initial stages so crucial for any company to achieve success later on. I love to design and develop products that have some sort of functionality or have…(Read More)

She Traveled

I, along with my two partners, founded SheTraveled back in 2015. It’s not always easy to find cute, modest clothes of great quality and fashion. For that reason, we decided to design and produce our own pieces that would follow the strict standard of clothing for LDS Sister Missionaries. I convinced my partners that…(Read More)