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The Most Comfortable New York Fashion Street Trend


“Street Fashion” adapts itself when needed, at its own pace – no matter the current tendencies, no matter the forecasting, no matter anything. It was fascinating to have experienced first hand so many differently developed fashion trends while walking the streets of Manhattan. One in particular stood out to me the most quickly after being there for only 10 minutes. But before I share it, I first want you to know a few other things I realized while being there.


If you are like me, you live in your gym clothes and/or Pj’s all day long… unless you have a meeting to attend or a big date planned, correct? If you have plans to visit the Big Apple you need to make sure you’ve had a mani/pedi first, your hair all done, and your outfits picked out beforehand. Make sure you set your alarm 3 hours prior to leaving your hotel so you have enough time to get ready and look decent enough out there by morning time. Why? Because the New York fashion platform understands what it means to be perfectly groomed – that matter is never taken lightly, PERIOD.


Okay, back to my first point, I spotted not 1 but 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 (by then, I finally stopped counting) girls with the same exact shoes. Yeah, it wasn’t a coincidence. It was a real street trend. The girls looked spotless. Their outfits immaculate, stylish, modern, fresh. Most of the time, the outfits were cute dresses. And the perfect finish to a cute dress is…? Perfect tennis shoes. Yes… tennis shoes. Maybe this “unique phenomenon” happened due to the need of being comfortable while also having to walk your soul out all day long… either that or some other logical reason. Regardless, the look is perfectly comfortable!


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