Summer fun at the pool

A Hot Afternoon At The Pool Twinning Swimsuits


Mabel Montalva and daughter Karla swimming in the pool
When the weather gets HOT nothing better than a pool! I made these swimsuits for us to match. I’m totally obsessed with this current trend! So much fun! I know it sounds strange but yes I made these swimsuits, I’m a Technical Designer; I develop apparel products for the apparel industry. Click here to learn more about what I do. If you ever thought in producing your own Swim Apparel line click here.
Loving how this 2 piece swimsuit looks on Karla!
Pina Colada by the pool, it doesn’t get better! Do you want the best Pina Colada recipe? CLICK HERE (non-alcoholic) sorry for the ones that drink…I don’t promote drinking 😉
Mabel Montalva's daughter Karla with twinning outfit having fun at the pool
It is hot but the water is so much fun!

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