Twining Mom and Daughter swimsuits

The Art of “Mommy and Me” Matching Swimwear

Years ago, I used to think the matching outfits my mom and I would wear were cheesy. Now I think they’re the cutest thing ever. I never got to do this with my oldest daughter who is now 16, because not only did she have a twin brother but back then it wasn’t much of a thing.  I’m so glad it has become very popularly lately. If you haven’t seen them around just do a search on sites such as Instagram or Pinterest and you will see the cutest matching outfits for “Mommy and Me”.

Taken from the Global Swimwear Market report, the demand for swimwear has increased in the last several years and is expected to exceed 20 billion dollars by 2019. Vendors of swimwear are investing heavily in developing comfortable and stylish products according to and

I made these swimsuits a few weeks ago just for fun, and also because I’ve always struggled with the choice of swimsuits when summer comes. So this year I made sure I made what I really wanted early in the season, and then decided it would be fun to do some twinning swimsuit outfits with my youngest daughter Karla.

The woman’s bathing suit top has a wider cut fit that provides extra support for larger chests but also has adjustable straps, and a thick inserted elastic on the bottom front for support under the bust. The fit is super comfy and flattering.

The bottom skirt is a life saver. I like to feel super comfortable at the pool or beach, especially because I’m running around with Karla most of the time. This skirt provides that protection that I look for in a swimsuit. It’s silhouette is very flattering for any body shape and type.


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